Hear what people have to say:

“What a perfect match for you to operate a Teaching Facility with your skills and credentials. This was evident when I first met you during the Kingston & District Ladies Training Program in 2002. At that time my handicap was in the mid 20’s. Since that time, we have been working together on my game and my handicap is now in the low teens. I am especially excited about your facility operating during the winter as each year; I tend to regress over the winter months. Now, I will be able to meet with you and continue with my lessons through the off-season.

When I am asked who my golf instructor is, I am quick to recommend you and explain your dedication to your students. I was so impress with the improvement in my husband’s swing after just one lesson with you. If you remember, I quickly asked you for another lesson so that I too could have a dramatic improvement. Well, you did it. After that lesson I won my first tournament!“

Deborah Reimer

Gord Mink, PGA of Canada Professional worked with me to provide a number of golf clinics to my clients in a group format, over the past few years.

All of the participants found Gord’s teaching, individual tips and comments very useful. A particular chip shot technique has been named after Gord as it has been a great tool to improving our golf games.

At all times, Gord was enthusiastic and conscientious and a pleasure to work with. Gord was  interested and willing to work with my format and idea of using golf clinics as a marketing tool for my existing clients and perspective clients.

Susan M. Creasy, CLU, B.P.H.E., B. Ed.

Chartered Life Underwriter

“Gord Mink is a teaching Golf Professional who has greatly enhanced my golf game. As a senior golfer needing some serious help to improve, Gord has greatly assisted me, and whether you are a beginner, intermediate or better player and you need to get a better golf game, Gord Mink will help you achieve your goals”

Richard Smyth

“Wow Thank you Gordon. I am very impressed about your lesson and video too. This gives me motivation to practice. I will see you soon. Thanks again!!!”

Mike Kobley

“I started lessons with Gord about 7 weeks ago,,,,,,,am I ready for the PGA tour not quite but my game has come full circle. I can’t say enough about what Gord has and continues to teach me. Money very well spent. I am going to continue my lessons through the rest of the year.”

Duane Bradley