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My goal is to create an atmosphere of game improvement through a comprehensive Coaching Program which, in turn, will enable you to play more enjoyable golf.

Above all I want you to have fun!! #allabouttheathlete

Welcome to Gordon Mink Golf

training_01Gordon has been involved in golf for over 40 years and became a PGA of Canada Professional in 1994. Since then he has developed a passion for coaching and developing skills to assist his athletes and players to achieve their goals in golf.

Gordon offers Private Individual and Group Coaching Sessions, Corporate Outings/Clinics, Short Game Clinics, Women’s and Junior Sessions. Whether you are a skilled player or beginner Gordon can help you develop the skills to shoot great scores and enjoy the game of golf.

Gordon’s philosophy is to keep it as simple as possible. He has the skills and knowledge to help you achieve your goals whether they are recreational or competitive.

Gordon continues to improve his skills and knowledge to further assist you in attaining your goals, increasing your love of the game and above all having fun on the course!!!


About My Services

Individual coaching will be tailored to you and your particular needs. We will progress at a pace that is comfortable with you. Depending on your needs, physical abilities and pace of advancement we will start with the basics. This process will be divided into the following segments: Set-up, Alignment, Posture, Proper Grip and Ball Position. We will then do a swing analysis and work on your Take Away, Backswing, Transition at the top, Impact Position, Follow Through and Finishing in Balance.

child golfingThese programs will be tailored to your particular learning style and you will progress at your own pace. We will discuss proper practice techniques that will have you practicing with a purpose. This will get you better results by engraining the proper techniques and allowing you to take what you have learned to the golf course. You will be given drills that will assist you to develop your game to the fullest.

A major aspect of the game is from 100 yards and in. For this reason your short game is an important aspect of the game. Programs can be developed for you and can be divided into three sections. The first two being Chipping and Pitching. You will be given techniques on both that will assist you in controlling your distance and accuracy. Depending on the program this can be delved into in great depth.

The third and most important part of this section is Putting. All aspects of putting will be covered. Set-up, Grip, Posture, Ball Position, Alignment and the Putting Stroke. Putting makes up 50% of your game. We can develop programs that will enhance your putting skills over a period of sessions.

During and after every session you will be given drills to assist with developing your game to its fullest. These drills will be designed to suit your learning style and time commitment that you have given to improve your skills. We may bring a teaching aid out to assist your learning experience. What is used on one student today may not be beneficial to another student tomorrow. Ask what teaching aids are available and which one may help you. A curious student is more likely to improve.

Properly fit clubs are an important aspect of your improvement. If there are many ways to swing a golf club as there are golfers, will one set of clubs fit every golfer? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! I will ensure that your set and your swing match one another. Club fitting sessions can be arranged and will be as detailed as you require.

It is important that we work as a team to reach the goals that you have set out to achieve. I will work with you to create a program as we progress through your sessions on the range and course.

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